Suzanne & Scott Ramsey

About Suzanne

Suzanne was introduced to the Aztec, New Mexico flying saucer story of 1948 as a child in South Dakota. Her mother, while reading Frank Scully’s 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers, shared the story with the family around the dinner table, where conversations generally centered on science, health and history.

The Aztec flying saucer story didn’t arise again for years. After going to school and working and living throughout the United States, Suzanne’s family asked if she would help them move from the severe winters in South Dakota to a warmer climate. Her mother’s memory of Scully’s book drew her to Aztec in hopes of learning more about the incident. Although New Mexico was just what the family was looking for, Suzanne’s mother was disappointed that the flying saucer story seemed to be taboo.

Years later, Suzanne was reintroduced to the topic when Scott Ramsey, a researcher of the incident, was a guest on her news talk radio show. They met again when she was assisting as a translator with the Japanese crew filming Scott’s research. Soon after, Scott and Suzanne married.

Suzanne, an entrepreneur, writer, artist, researcher and interviewer, has enjoyed her role in communications and public relations in working on this incredible story with Scott. The Ramseys now live and farm in North Carolina where Suzanne is the president of Carolina Country Provisions/Uncle Scott’s All Natural Root Beer and farms using organic practices at Ramsey Farm and Produce.

About Scott

Scott Ramsey first became aware of the 1948 Aztec, New Mexico flying saucer story in 1988 on a business trip to Farmington, New Mexico. Upon returning home to North Carolina he began digging into the story to see if there was anything to the claim. On a return trip to the Four Corners area in 1989, he visited what the locals referred to as the crash/landing site. He found that the deeper he dug into the story, the more there seemed to be truth to the claim.

Scott’s travels have taken him and his wife Suzanne to over 30 states, archives, and universities, and they have interviewed over a dozen first- and secondhand witnesses. He met Suzanne when he was a guest on her radio show in Farmington. He convinced her to move to North Carolina and they married in 2003. There they continue to research this amazing part of history that has sat idle for many years and was often written off as a hoax.

Scott and Suzanne have been on more than 175 radio programs and podcasts. Their work has been shown on the History Channel, Telemundo (Mexico), CBS Australia, Japan’s 60 Minutes as well as German and Finnish Television. The Ramseys have a new book planned for 2024 which will include a complete timeline of the Aztec Flying Saucer Story as well as many documents, witness accounts, and facts that have not previously been released.

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey live on a small farm in Mooresville, North Carolina. Scott works for PEI (Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation) as Southeastern region sales manager.