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Hey festival fans! Want to win a $200 McMenamins gift card? All you have to do is write a 10-minute play about UFOs – and if your play is picked, you’ll read it during the 21st Annual Festival! ... See more

1 week ago
What Scientists Can Learn From Alien Hunters

Kickin' off the week with an interesting read, UFO Fest Fans...

The history of the search for extraterrestrial lifeis good way to understand the unintended consequences of fence-building and boundary-setting in other disciplines.

1 week ago
13 full moons, 2 supermoons and a blue moon to shine in 2020

It's going to be a great year to keep those eyes-on-the-skies, UFO Fest Fans!

The full moon will look bigger and brighter than usual during two of the 12 months of 2020.

1 week ago
British 'X-Files' of UFO sightings is going public

Now, more than a decade after the UFO UK program ended, many formerly classified files about UFO sightings will be made available to the public for the first time!

The U.K.'s Ministry of Defense will publish secret UFO reports for the first time.

2 weeks ago
McMenamins UFO Festival's cover photo

Hey UFO Fest Fans! Mark your calendars for May 14-16, 2020 to join us at McMenamins Hotel Oregon for America's premier UFO festival!

And just a reminder - it's never too soon to start working on ... See more

2 weeks ago
Physicists: Ancient life might have escaped Earth and journeyed to alien stars

Check it out, UFO Fest Fans ...

A pair of researchers presented a wild new theory in a new paper.

3 weeks ago
The UFO Sightings that Pushed the UK to Take 'Flying Saucers' More Seriously

Kickin' off the weekend with a lil' international UFO history...

The incidents interrupted Exercise Mainbrace, a massive set of NATO 'war game' maneuvers.

3 weeks ago
‘Bigfoot’ spotted on Washington state’s Sherman Pass webcam, sparking new frenzy over fabled beast

What do we think, UFO Fest Fans!?! Legit Squatch or no?

A WSDOT tweet sent out Wednesday shows webcam images of a large, mysterious figure trudging through the snow.

4 weeks ago
Are the aliens us? UFOs may be piloted by time-traveling humans, book argues

Interesting theory. What do you think, UFO Fest Fans?

The great distances covered by visiting "aliens" may be ones of time rather than space, a recent book argues.

1 month ago
Project Blue Book Full Episodes, Video & More | HISTORY

Season 2 premieres January 21st. It's going to be a rainy weekend, so it's a great time to binge watch season 1, UFO Fest Fans!

As the Cold War deepens and the new political threats loom for Project Blue Book, Dr. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) must delve further down the UFO ... See more

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