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Saturday, September 19

12:30 pm

• 11:30 am doors, 12:30 pm presentation
• All ages welcome
• $25 advance/$30 day of event
McMinnville Community Center


General Admission:

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A New World: The Reality of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

Speaker: Whitley Strieber, experiencer and best-selling author

Drawing from his new bestseller A New World, Whitley Strieber takes a deep dive into the reality of contact with non-human intelligence, as it is developing and will develop in our future.

Since 2015, he has experienced some of the deepest and most intense close encounters of his life. They have been revelatory, completely revising Whitley’s understanding of the world and our visitors, why they are here and what is going to happen. He will lay all of this out clearly and concisely, revealing a startling new vision of our deepening relationship with these presences.


**Please Note: No pets allowed in the McMinnville Community Center. Service animals only.**