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Friday, September 18

10:30 am

• 10 am doors, 10:30 am event
• All ages welcome
• $25 advance/$30 day of event
McMinnville Community Center


General Admission:

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Sasquatch: Examining Recurring Footprints in the Data Set

Speaker: Cliff Barackman, researcher and star of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot

Mammals are notoriously difficult to study because most of them are nocturnal, shy and elusive. To learn about their secretive lives, wildlife biologists often study the spoor of the animals in order to better understand their behaviors.

Spoor is defined as “a trace or a set of footprints by which the progress of someone or something may be followed. Spoor may include tracks, scents, or broken foliage. Spoor is useful for discovering or surveying what types of animals live in an area, or in animal tracking.”

Cliff Barackman, a longtime sasquatch researcher and host on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, has analyzed his extensive data set in order to identify individual sasquatches leaving traces in different areas. This study has shed new light on sasquatch social structure, range, and foraging habits.


**Please Note: No pets allowed in the McMinnville Community Center. Service animals only.**