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Friday, September 18

5:00 pm

• 5 pm
• All ages welcome
McMinnville Community Center


General Admission:

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The Mystery of Intuition: Understanding and Deepening Psychic Awareness

A workshop with Joanne Clarkson, psychic medium

Community Center room 203

Join Clarkson for an exploration of the extraordinary life. She believes that each of us has the potential to perceive by means other than the five traditional senses. In fact, she knows that most of us have already journeyed to “the Other Side” in various ways. Clarkson will relate stories of miraculous and haunting experiences. She will lead the group in exercises to increase intuitive vision. She hopes to make this workshop personal so that those attending will awaken insight and see the world and universe in a whole new way.

About the speaker
Joanne Clarkson is a psychic medium, actively practicing her calling for many decades. She was taught as a child by her grandmother, a professional psychic, to read playing cards. She taught herself to read palms by studying books from the library as a teen. Her work as a hospice RN deepened her awareness of spirit. Clarkson regularly gives personal readings, provides group experiences and teaches classes as an intuitive. For years she has investigated UFOs with her husband James Clarkson, having experienced her own UFO sighting as a child.