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Friday, September 24

7:00 pm

Katie Griboski
• 6 pm doors, 7 pm start
• All ages welcome
• $25
McMinnville Community Center


General Admission:

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Speaker Presentation

Katie Griboski, MUFON State Director Colorado

High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch

 at the community center  

At UFO Fest 2021, Colorado MUFON Director Katie Griboski will discuss her pursuit of answers to her experiences on the Colorado ranch known as “Clearview,” which predates Skinwalker Ranch by more than a decade. Newspapers dubbed Clearview Ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US” because of mysterious activity including cattle mutilation, menacing copters, strange lights, humming, burn marks and more. This place of mystery has been written about in several books, including Hunt for The Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D. & George Knapp and Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good.

Griboski will also discuss her new book about famed ufologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Letters of Love and Light: Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences, and Sightings Shared with Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD.

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