21st Annual UFO Festival
May 14 – 16, 2020

They’re baaack!

UFOs, aliens, blips on the radar…Discover it all at UFO Fest 2020. Tickets on sale now!


Interested in participating in UFO Fest 2020? Be a vendor, volunteer or join the parade!  Check out the McMinnville Downtown Association website for information and applications.


Whitley Strieber

Author most widely known for his bestselling nonfiction series recounting his close encounters with aliens.

Peter Davenport

Director of the National UFO Reporting Center.

Joanne Clarkson

Professional psychic medium and UFO researcher.

James Clarkson

Ufologist, former State Director of the Mutual UFO Network in Washington State.

Deep Prasad

UFO researcher and Quantum Physicist pioneering the field of technologies capable of detecting and tracking aerial phenomena well beyond the threshold of known science and engineering.

Daniel Myrick

Award-winning filmmaker best known for the iconic indie-film sensation, The Blair Witch Project.

Cliff Barackman

Bigfoot researcher best known for the Animal Planet’s hit series, Finding Bigfoot.

Calvin Parker

He and a friend were abducted by aliens in 1973, in a case similar to that of Travis Walton.

Alejandro Rojas

Ufologist and Director of Operations for Open Minds Production, the UFO news website.


Close Encounters of the 3rd Vine

Tastings from local wineries

*Special ticket prices available at the door (see details)


Oregon Premiere of Skyman (2019)

Movie screening and Q&A with filmmaker Dan Myrick and actor Michael Selle


Sasquatch: Examining Recurring Footprints in the Data Set

Speaker: Cliff Barackman, researcher and star of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot

Lunch Discussion on the Year’s Most Amazing UFO Cases

Speaker: Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center

Landing Party

with live music by the High Deductibiles and DJ Gregarious

The Mystery of Intuition: Understanding and Deepening Psychic Awareness

A workshop with Joanne Clarkson, psychic medium

Community Center room 203


Prasad Notation: How to Understand Mystifying Phenomena

Speaker: Deep Prasad, UFO researcher and Quantum Physicist

Screening of Trent UFO Documentary

Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon

Theatre 33’s Ten-Minute Play Competition

Audience chooses the winner

Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon

UFO/Alien Trivia

Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon

Alien Abduction Dash 5K

Register here for this fun 5K at Linfield College


Official Government UFO Investigation Agencies

Presentation by Alejandro Rojas, ufologist and journalist

Kids Fun Run

Activity Fair on 3rd Street & Kids Fun Run

Sponsored by the McMinnville Community Center

Willamette Radio Workshop

The Anachronic Man by H.G. Wells and The Martian Death by Ernest Kinoy and Otherworldly Tales

Mattie's Room at Hotel Oregon


A New World: The Reality of Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

Speaker: Whitley Strieber, experiencer and best-selling author

UFO Festival Parade

Throughout downtown McMinnville


UFO Speaker Panel and Q&A

Whitley Strieber, Calvin Parker, Deep Prasad, Alejandro Rojas & Peter Davenport

Alien Costume Ball

With Mitch & The Melody Makers

Breakfast with the Speakers

Whitley Strieber, Calvin Parker, Deep Prasad, Alejandro Rojas, Cliff Barackman, Dan Myrick, Rob Johnson, Peter Davenport & Jim Clarkson