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Speaker Event: Yvonne Smith

6 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. event
at the Community Center

May 18

7:00 pm

$20 advance / $25 day of

This event is included in the VIP Pass, available here.

Hypnotherapist and one of the leading researchers of alien abduction.

Yvonne Smith is a hypnotherapist and one of the leading researchers of alien abduction for decades. She began researching the UFO phenomenon in the late 1980s. After two years of studies and 1000 hours of internship at the California Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only accredited hypnosis college in the United States, she received her hypnotherapy certification in 1990, specializing in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. Her patients include doctors, university professors, military, engineers, lawyers, domestic and foreign pilots and other professionals.

In UFO circles, whenever there is a reported “sighting” investigators emphasize and evaluate whether the experiencer’s description supports (or doesn’t support) the reality of a UFO contact. When Smith observed that many of the PTSD cases being referred to her involved subjects describing similar patterns of UFO abduction, she founded Close Encounters Resource Organization [CERO] as a support group in 1992.

After 22 years of working with hundreds of abductees, the only thing that surprises Smith is how unsurprised she is. She tells clients not to hold back, that she’s been doing this a long time. But their stories have a strange kind of consistency: the blue light, the round rooms, the surgical procedures, the instruments, even the babies in the tanks. “These are people who do not know each other, who come from different parts of the country and the world.”

In 2008, Smith wrote her first book, CHOSEN: Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy, which exposes, with dramatic regressive hypnotherapy transcripts, the hidden memory trauma reality suffered by abductees.

Smith has traveled extensively, presenting lectures in the United States at M.I.T. and several other universities, and many American UFO conferences. Smith has made hundreds of television and radio appearances, including on The History, Discovery, and Biography channels and on programs like The Montel Williams Show, Intruders, MSNBC, Encounters and Sightings.

Smith’s regressive hypnotherapy was featured in the Biography channel’s Alien Intent, which was co-produced and narrated by prize-winning author Whitley Strieber and also featured well-known surgeon and former UFO Festival guest Dr. Roger Leir.

Yvonne has also been a frequent radio program guest on such shows as Coast to Coast with George Noory (a former festival guest), an interviewed with Art Bell, Paul Harvey and many others.

As the foremost female hypnotherapist in this field, Smith in the 1990s, traveled on a lecture tour with hypnotherapy colleagues David Jacobs, PhD. and the late Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins. Since then she has continued to be in demand on the worldwide lecture circuit with colleagues, UFO researchers, writers and speakers such as Whitley Strieber, George Noory, Dr. Roger Leir, nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., Paola Harris, John Carpenter, Maj. Robert Dean, ret., Jaime Maussan, Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, Steve Bassett, Linda Howe, Michael Lindemann, Travis Walton, Derrel Sims and others.


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