May 16 Sat
Speaker: Grant Cameron
McMinnville Community Center
600 Northeast Evans Street, McMinnville, OR 97128
All ages welcome

9 a.m. doors,10 a.m. event

“The Latest on the UFO and the Consciousness Connection”

Expert on U.S. presidential UFO knowledge; currently researching the connections and source of intelligence in what we know as inspiration, telepathy and consciousness

$20 advance, $25 day of event, $70 VIP Pass
“The Latest on the UFO and the Consciousness Connection”
Grant Cameron has been a UFO researcher since he had a series of personal sightings in 1975. These sightings led him to look for an answer to the UFO mystery. He spent a decade studying the role of the Canadian government in the mystery, followed by a decade investigating the role of the former President of Penn State University, Dr. Eric Walker. This led to almost two decades investigating the role of the President of the United States and the intelligence agencies.


On February 26, 2012 Cameron had a transforming information download while watching a lecture on consciousness in Phoenix Arizona. This led him to shift his entire research focus to the connection of consciousness to the UFO phenomena. He has spent the last three years looking at the key role conscious plays and how it may explain much of the UFO literature. This search opened up the clear but bizarre UFO connection to modern musicians, and the inspiration/download process that has affected UFO experiencers, inventors, scientists, writers, and Nobel Prize Laureates.


The research also led to a clear idea of where inspiration comes from and how the mind accesses the information. The UFO Festival presentation will take a quick trip through non-local phenomena to show what is a very clear pattern. This non-local trip through the mind and brain will also clearly show why friends and relatives are almost always skeptical. It leads to a cover-up inside the scientific community that rivals the government UFO truth embargo.


Cameron is the co-author of “UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants”, which details his research on involvement by the highest levels in the Canadian and United States government in the UFO mystery. He has just released the book “Alien Bedtime Stories,” and has two more books due out in 2015. This includes an extremely important book called “Inspirations: Where Good Ideas Come From,”  which is the basis for this lecture.
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