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The UFO Enthusiasts
The Weekly Standard

In 1995 the city of Roswell, New Mexico, population just trailing 50,000 then as now, discovered that it had the potential to become a major tourist site, courtesy of The X-Files. That immensely popular television series ran from 1993 to 2002 and was briefly revived in early 2016. It combined extraterrestrial-centric science fiction, evergreen paranoia […]

McMenamins 17th Annual UFO Festival: May 12-15

Downtown McMinnville, Ore., will be transformed again this May into a gathering place for scholars, the UFO-curious and fun-seekers alike. The annual McMenamins UFO Festival – one of the nation’s most respected and largest Ufology gatherings – takes place in the small, idyllic town of McMinnville, known for the celebrated Trent flying saucer sighting of […]